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Rogers Group Financial (RGF) publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Financialist, which is written by the advisors of our firm. The articles are aimed at providing meaningful information relevant to the specific needs of our clients, and each covers a variety of topics (including specific investment strategies and the details of individual investment products).  The latest issues of The Financialist are below; for a complete archive and access to printable .pdf articles, please click here

Your Statements

The Financialist • Issue 127 • October 2015

As part of our Carrying Broker conversion, we are pleased to offer online access to your statements for securities accounts held with Rogers Group Investment Advisors Ltd. Also, as a much-requested feature, you can choose to obtain your statements solely online, and stop the paper copies in the mail.

To register

1. Go to our website - www.rogersgroup.com

2. Click on “My E-statements”.

3. Register. Refer to the new carrying broker statement for your new account number(s) or contact your advisory team.

4. Once you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration request. Your request will be processed within three business days, and you will be notified by email when your online account has been activated. You can sign up on an individual client basis or have access to all your household accounts under one login.

After your account has been activated:

You can change your preferences to receive notifications when your statements, trade confirmations and tax slips are available. Statements will not be emailed directly to your email address. To view your electronic tax receipts, we recommend the use of Adobe Acrobat 5 or higher.

My E-statements contains information about your securities accounts only. Already on the website is our Investor Portal (View Portfolio), which remains unchanged. The Investor Portal provides a consolidated view of all of your holdings (securities and non-securities). Also, you can see your transaction history and print out your Consolidated Portfolio Summary (CPS) on demand. Both portals are encrypted and only the legitimate owner of the site’s username and password has the ability to access the statements.

The primary services available on My E-Statements:

■ Review and print your account statements dating from September 2015. You can access archived statements online for up to 7 years.

■ Once issued in 2016, you can review 2015 tax documents issued by Raymond James and reprint duplicate tax slips. Review all trade confirmations for your accounts generated after September 8, 2015 and reprint duplicates of those slips.

■ Change your email address, security questions and answers and/or your password.

■ Change your choice of delivery method (mailed hard copy or paperless) for statements, trade confirmations and tax slips.

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