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Rogers Group Financial (RGF) publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Financialist, which is written by the advisors of our firm. The articles are aimed at providing meaningful information relevant to the specific needs of our clients, and each covers a variety of topics (including specific investment strategies and the details of individual investment products).  The latest issues of The Financialist are below; for a complete archive and access to printable .pdf articles, please click here

Consolidate your Statements

Are you still getting your statements in multiple envelopes? We can bundle them into one envelope for you!

If you would like to group all your household’s custodial statements for securities accounts into one envelope going to a common address, we can easily set this up for you. This will cut down on the envelopes we send out, simplifying your life and helping to reduce our environmental impact.

To learn more, please contact your RGF advisory team.

2018 Pre-Budget Submission

On June 2, 2017, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched its pre-budget consultation process. Select individuals and organizations were invited to appear before the Committee and to contribute to a report in the House of Commons. Suggestions and the pre-budget report compiled by the Committee will be considered by the Minister of Finance in the development of the 2018 federal budget.

As part of that process, on October 4, 2017 Clay Gillespie (our Managing Director) appeared in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and recommended a federal tax incentive for long-term care insurance be considered and to ask for an extension to the consultation period for the proposed small business tax changes to ensure that all the unintended consequences of these changes are fully examined and researched.

We believe that the 75 day time period is too short for a change of this magnitude given the effect on most of the small businesses across Canada.
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