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Rogers Group Financial (RGF) publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Financialist, which is written by the advisors of our firm. The articles are aimed at providing meaningful information relevant to the specific needs of our clients, and each covers a variety of topics (including specific investment strategies and the details of individual investment products).  The latest issues of The Financialist are below; for a complete archive and access to printable .pdf articles, please click here

Please Note:

All tax receipts issued by Rogers Group Financial will be issued to the primary address and SIN/Tax Identification number on file with us.

All T5 and T3 tax receipts for Mutual Fund investment income are issued directly by the fund (not by Rogers Group Financial).

When you trigger a capital gain or loss due to the sale of a mutual fund or stock (trust unit), we make every effort to help you report the correct information. In many cases we will have produced a letter with the details as a reminder to report.

Individual Trust Units – trust units have until the end of March to get their T3s out.

Investment Management Fees – non-registered accounts – information letter is usually out by March 1st 2017.

How long should you wait before seeing your tax preparer? Don’t wait beyond March 10th. Tax preparers generally agree that it is better to get as much of your tax information as possible into their hands. Tax preparers can then easily add the one or two missing pieces in April in time for filing. Feel free to have your tax preparer phone or email us with any questions they may have.

What if you have questions about your tax return? Your tax preparer is best able to answer your questions before February 15th or after May 15th. Although we are not tax experts, there are many questions we can answer so try giving us a call.

This brief summary of important year-end tax filing information is for general information purposes only. Please consult your advisory team for guidance and/or consult the Canada Revenue Agency


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