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Rogers Group Financial (RGF) publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Financialist, which is written by the advisors of our firm. The articles are aimed at providing meaningful information relevant to the specific needs of our clients, and each covers a variety of topics (including specific investment strategies and the details of individual investment products).  The latest issues of The Financialist are below; for a complete archive and access to printable .pdf articles, please click here

The Financialist • Issue 131 • October 2016

We are pleased to welcome 3 new advisors, Christian White, Bryn Hamilton and Stefano Pannu, to our firm!

Christian focuses on managing client portfolios, identifying and assessing suitable investment solutions, as well as implementing these strategies within a comprehensive financial plan. He has become a trusted investment and financial consultant within the Vancouver legal industry.

Bryn has developed a very successful practice in the Greater Vancouver area assisting business executives, company owners and families in achieving their individual and corporate financial goals.

Stefano works exclusively in tandem with Bryn Hamilton to provide comprehensive financial planning advice. He specializes in creating detailed financial plans in order to provide direction and clarity to guide individuals through their financial lives.

We are delighted to have Christian, Bryn and Stefano join us and wish them every success with our firm.
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