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Rogers Group Financial (RGF) publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Financialist, which is written by the advisors of our firm. The articles are aimed at providing meaningful information relevant to the specific needs of our clients, and each covers a variety of topics (including specific investment strategies and the details of individual investment products).  The latest issues of The Financialist are below; for a complete archive and access to printable .pdf articles, please click here

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The Financialist • Issue 130 • July 2016

Over the past nine months, we’ve executed two substantive changes to our firm of 42 years.

The first major change was moving to our new location at 1701 W. Broadway. After 30 years at our previous location, we had outgrown the space and a new home was needed.


The second change was the replacement of our carrying dealer for securities, effective September 8, 2016. The paperwork is almost finished. We thank you for your understanding throughout this process. The primary reason for this conversion was to allow us access to better data and technology for improved services to you, our clients, in the future.


Where do we go from here?


At the end of the day, we will only remain a successful firm if we continue to help our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives – in essence, our number one job is to help our clients solve their problems. Our strategic vision and philosophy is rooted in maintaining and developing relationships with existing and new clients. In fact, most of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients. We believe that better infrastructure and technology will enable us to provide clients with a more engaging experience.


We recently undertook a survey of clients, suppliers and prospective clients, on a wide range of topics. All respondents were chosen at random, and the responses were anonymous to give this research report statistical reliability. We extend our thanks to anyone who was chosen to take part in the survey. It was a great way to gain more insights on your perceptions of who we are as a firm and how we can better serve you.


There were two key findings from this research. The first was that our clients wanted us to improve some of our technology solutions. The first step in this process will be to rework our website for improved functionality, making it easier to find information and access account data more effectively.  


The second was the matter of our name – Rogers Group Financial. Over the years, the corporate moniker has been modified in consideration of the evolving state of the business. There appears to be some confusion between us, and Rogers Communications (the telecommunications company) and, to a lesser extent, Rogers Sugar. In addition, the researchers found that the term “Financial” in our name did not appear to mean anything, seemed to be vague and did not describe what we do in a meaningful way. Our tagline of “Strategic Thinking. Independent Advice.” was regarded quite highly and was seen to be quite descriptive of the services we provide.


Our strategic vision of being an independent Vancouver-based firm remains unchanged. Your biggest advantage is to receive independent financial advice from a firm where the advice is separated from the product. We do not manufacture products and do not want to be part of a bigger entity suggesting directly or indirectly what services and products we should recommend to you, our clients.


We are currently in the process of working with a marketing consultant to better define the essence of what we do and how we can best convey that message. This may include changing our logo and even our name as we continue our research.


Throughout this process, we think it's important to keep you informed. Your feedback and suggestions on any of these topics is greatly appreciated. We encourage you to contact your advisor or email our marketing department directly at advice@rogersgroup.com

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