Financial planning

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

On the training day for my first job as a dishwasher, I was told to imagine I was a business owner. “The better your business washes dishes,” I was told, “the more money your business will make.” I was in h...
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2015 Horizons Retirement Report

The 2015 Horizons Retirement Report  BY CLAY GILLESPIE BBA CFP CIM FCSI Many of our clients are concerned about what life will look like during their retirement years. For this reason, we started our retirement survey fi...
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The Complications of Marriage Break-ups… What we Can/Cannot Do

The Complications of Marriage Break-ups… What we Can/Cannot Do The Financialist • Issue 118 • July 2013 BY BRYSON MILLEY BA CFP CIM In our profession, we have the privilege of getting to know clients really w...
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Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSPs)

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSPs) The Financialist • Issue 103 • October 2009 BY WALKER MOONEY BA CIM One of the most useful information sources for RDSPs is available at This is part of the web...
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Financial Planning 101

Financial Planning 101 The Financialist • Issue 100 • January 2009 BY CORY HILL CFP CIM Regardless of stock market conditions and interest rates, there are always proven ways to improve one’s financial position. It is in these...
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Tax Free Savings Accounts • November 2008• The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a new registered account that allows Canadians to set money aside in eligible savings vehicles and earn investment income tax-free inside the acco...
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Pre-Retirement Planning

Pre-Retirement Planning The Financialist • Issue 97 • April 2008 BY ALAN KOTAI CFP CIM CFA A person’s financial life cycle is comprised of three phases: Accumulation Phase, Retirement Phase and Estate Phase. Naturally, pre-re...
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Financial Life Cycle

Financial Life Cycle December 2005 BY CLAY GILLESPIE Financial planning is not a onetime event but, rather, a dynamic process that changes with you throughout your lifetime. There are basically three phases to your Financial...
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