Creating or reviewing your will

Make sure your documents are organized and your will is up-to-date. If you are a business owner, arrangements should be made for continuation of the business.

Keep a personal record that provides details about your advisors, property, investment certificates, other securities, will, life insurance and other insurance policies, bank and trust accounts, income tax returns, personal debts and funeral arrangements.

Keep one copy at home, leave one with your lawyers and put one in your safety deposit box. It also makes sense to give a copy to your executor. Keep a copy of your will in your home, and remember to tell a family member where it is.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a formal document that gives a person the power to act as your substitute in carrying out your business or legal affairs. A power of attorney can be as narrow as a one-time authorization to sign a particular document when you are out of town or as broad as unlimited power to deal freely with all your assets.

An enduring power of attorney will continue after mental incapacity. It terminates automatically when the person who gave it dies, at which time the will takes over.

Representation Agreement

A representation agreement is a legal document that names the person to whom you give authority to if you need assistance managing your affairs.  It can cover both financial and legal matters as well as decisions about your health and personal care.  A power of attorney can only deal with financial affairs.

A representation agreement ends when you die; then your will takes over.


Probate is the legal procedure for establishing the validity of a will and authorizing the will's executor to deal with the assets of the estate in accordance with the priorities prescribed by law and the terms of the will.

The province charges a probate fee on all assets that pass through the estate.  At Rogers Group Financial, we will help you structure your affairs, where appropriate, to minimize probate fees.



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