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Retirement income planning is a process, not a one-time event. To manage it effectively, you need a strategy or 'game plan' that can adapt to changing market conditions as well as to personal needs, goals and objectives – any of which may change dramatically over time.

First, we determine the income necessary to maintain your standard of living in retirement.

Then, we prepare a retirement income projection that estimates the income that can be generated by you in retirement.

Finally, we integrate all your different income sources to generate the highest possible retirement income.

Prepare a Retirement Income Projection

There are many variables and assumptions that go into a financial projection, such as rates of return, portfolio contribution amounts, inflation, tax rates, income needs at retirement, life expectancy and sources of other income (pensions, etc.).

We use projection software that will factor in all of the above variables (and many more) to provide a complete picture as to how feasible your retirement income plan actually is.  Understand, however, that financial projections can be quite different from your financial reality at retirement. The further you are from retirement, the more sensitive you must be to the various assumptions used in financial projections.

Income Integration

In retirement, you will have a mixture of different income sources that need to be integrated. You will probably be entitled to some type of government benefit (OAS, CPP), you might have a company pension plan and you may have your own investment assets (RRSPs, real estate, savings accounts).  It is important that you use these income sources in the most effective manner to generate your desired net spendable (after-tax, after-inflation) income in your retirement years.

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