Create an investment strategy

Grow your wealth

Creating an investment strategy is the first step when planning for retirement.  At Rogers Group Financial, we work with you to develop a detailed strategy for reaching your objectives.

First, we create an investment policy statement (IPS) that outlines your retirement objectives.  Once we take all the necessary elements into consideration, we diversify your holdings according to your risk tolerance, then implement the strategy.   

Formulate an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

First, we create CIPs and an investment policy statement that outlines your retirement objectives.  Your return requirements will be based on how soon you’ll need your portfolio to begin generating income, and your return objectives will determine risk tolerance. 

Your IPS also outlines your investment constraints, such as the time horizon for generating income.  Whether you need to access funds immediately or in 10 years, your portfolio still must generate income for you throughout retirement.  Your liquidity requirements for necessary expenses and tax considerations will also determine how much you will be relying on your portfolio to generate your required income.  

Diversify your Portfolio

We’re often told not to put all our eggs in one basket; if we drop the basket, all our eggs are gone.  A successful investor knows this well and invests accordingly. Asset allocation is the diversification of holdings in different investments such as real estate, stocks and bonds and in different industries, sectors and countries.   


Once we determine your investment objectives and how best to diversify your portfolio, we implement the strategy by selecting the investments that reflect your risk tolerance and goals.

As investment advisors, portfolio managers and insurance agents, we are fully qualified to implement comprehensive solutions. Being independent means that we are free to survey the entire marketplace for products that are the right fit for you. 

"In large measure because of my advisor, within two years, I was able to reach my goal of early retirement , confident that, with her advice, my assets would continue to work for me in a more effective way than i could have ever imagined."

Nancy G.